My friend Shawna says we are getting old
and she may be right -
especially if getting old means we are losing our minds

I mean, what was I thinking when I agreed to do a wedding in Las Vegas?

and what was she thinking when she agreed to come along and help?
hauling an SUV stuffed with California flowers across the desert
with the airconditioning turned so high we had to turn on the heated seats
laughing because we had frozen fingers and heated buns....

the hotel was kind enough NOT to let us use the conference room
that would have been too simple -
so we adapted, overcame, improvised
(or more likely lost our minds, again)
and used our hotel room - every nook and cranny of it
including the bathroom
with the DO NOT DISTURB sign never leaving the door
so that the maid service wouldn't faint when they came in to clean
(we're considerate like that)
and it really came together quickly
Shawna was amazing and so talented
I could have never done it without her
and I really enjoyed her company
and getting lost
and laughing
a lot

the venue was kind enough to only give us 3 hours
to get 3 truck loads of florals and containers to the site
set up the outside
and the inside
including a large vinyl monogram for the dance floor
and vinyl lettering for the doors
and attach 11 boutonnieres to 11 charming men
in mind melting heat
while trying to look calm and dignified as befits our age.....

but somehow we pulled it off
(except for the calm and dignified part)
with minutes to spare
now who's calling us old?

truth be told,
I would have done anything for these sweet kids
[the groom was a regular fixture at our house all through high school
as a best friend to my son
and a loveable second son to us] 

so, while we wait for the professional photos of the ceremony and the decor -
with proper lighting
here's a sneak peak...

peacock feathers were the inspiration and the theme
the wedding party in black and jade green
(my boy, James (best man) in front...)

the aisle....
sneak peak at the flowers....
and the feathers....

Can't wait to see the photos....
Congratulations, Jessica and Erik Totman
we love you


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