And we all know Halloween starts at your front door....

Looking for inspiration for that very place, I discovered some Halloween facts....

Black is in . . . . 
Feathers are the rage
You can have a fresh look for pennies

For example.... an inexpensive grapevine wreath (one from that pile in the garage is even better), some ribbon, scrapbook paper and glue - and a couple of bucks to use the die cut machine at your local scrapbook store - how adorable is this?


On a creepier vein - grapevine wreath (see above), ribbon, spider (preferrably faux) and a couple of cool ghostlike papery leaf branches .. for a more sophisticated halloween welcome...
Black tulle (inexpensive and easy to find) scrunched onto a wire hanger and a little ribbon - the perfect spooky tutu for your door.  Add a little sign to remind you its spooky - because otherwise its just really really cute...

Make your own feather wreath - with instructions from Eddie Ross on his blog.  Or just buy an inexpensive black boa from the costume section or your craft store and add a wide satin bow.  And it looks good on a door, too.

A trip to the dollar store for a styrofoam wreath, some silk roses and a can of black spray paint can produce another elegant look for pennies.  Very funereal!

Adding orange to the equation - for a bright and budget-wise wreath - using a recycled wreath form and fabric scraps.  Loosely knotted strips make up the outer perimeter and a large accordion pleated paper medallion decorates the middle - just use your imagination!

Feather wreaths are everywhere this season - a black rooster feather wreath is decorated with glittered picks and wild ribbon....
www.etsy.com   (the wright wreath)

from www.urbanthreads.com
I wish I knew where to find this fabulous spooky lace -
once again feathers and a few black roses and baubles - create a haunting welcome

I can't seem to shake the feeling of being watched .... must just be my imagination

Its amazing how a can of matte black spray paint and some spanish moss can transform a plain little grapevine wreath.  But I think it is the crow that really makes this unique.

and gives this plain (and very inexpensive to create) crepe paper wreath just the right atmosphere
This clever wreath is also extremely budget conscious.  A styrofoam or straw wreath form covered in  book page petals and die cut bats - it doesn't get cheaper than a used paperback novel and black paper...
I like the glittered paper bats on this black rose and copper accented wreath...  what do you have from past years you can add to a wreath to create your own statement?

Hmmm... there's that feeling again....

Recycle a used wreath into new by adding a painted sign...

or one made of scrapbook papers...

Want to really get your boo on?  Check out this fabulously creepy wreath... complete with a step by step tutorial...


Martha Stewart has spiders on reindeer moss to create doorstep chills

But I like this version as well - uh - do you feel like you are being watched?   I just can't seem to shake that feeling.......

Okay, now this is really getting ridiculous!
 This wreath makes crepe paper look elegant - and creepy -
 For those of you with time on your hands, wind yarn around a wreath form until it is nice and plump and well covered.  Add a felt bat and you have another inexpensive handcrafted front door greeting.
www.etsy.com (itsfitz)
 This is one of my favorite looks - I'd like to cover a wreath form in these ribbon roses!
 Martha has that way of making you slap your forehead and say "why didn't I think of that?  its so simple!   Yup, grapevine wreath, rubber snakes, black spray paint, glue .... done.
 These book page wreaths are everywhere lately - if you can roll paper, you can make them.
This one was extra cute with the whole masquerade mask going on in the center and the folded crepe paper collar..

www.etsy.com (simplejoyspaperie)

Last, but not least by all means - I loved this but couldn't figure out what that wreath form was covered in...are you ready for this - split peas!  Dried peas, spray painted black.  Awesome.  Cheap, too.  And the black paper plate and cat face and scrapbook paper medallion is genius.  Really.  Gotta make this one.

How about you? 


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