I try to do a garden tour each year - but this year my summer was filled with work and a long awaited vacation to Great Britain.  I love gardens.  And I especially love English country gardens. 
My vacation to the UK, however, revealed a few garden surprises, right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world

London has many beautiful parks but the most lovely and the largest was right across the street from our hotel.  Spectacular Hyde Park.  Huge ages old trees, water, sculpture, gardens, and acres and acres
of green and paths.  We spent many hours discovering its beauty.

I think I could spend a month in this park... there was so much more to explore and so little time.

But Hyde Park wasn't the only gem in London - in fact we discovered many 'little gems' everywhere we went...

like the vibrant hanging baskets and window boxes decorating the front of our hotel and many other buildings in and around London

especially the pubs

they were one of my favorite sights

polished to perfection, full of charm, and hanging baskets of flowers

they were a delightful sight

There were other surprises around the city...

it seemed that wherever possible, Londoners were determined to enjoy a bit of green -
from boxwood topiaries and hedges on balconies and ledges

to colorful window boxes in fabulous color

Check out this wall of green in Nottinghill (right next to a rose covered arbor)

and we found this great vertical garden next to the National Gallery

Even magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral was further beautified with a little garden

London was wonderful, but I was still searching for the English country garden I so craved... so we ventured out.

Outside of London,  the countryside exploded with green

but the Cotswolds is where I found the quintessential English country garden. 
And with a perfect background of charming 16th century limestone cottages...

(following images all taken in Bibury, Burford, Lacock and Burton on the Water in the Cotswolds)

look at the wonderful espalliered pear tree on the wall of this cottage

places so oozing with charm, each photo could be a postcard
and I'm a very amateur photographer!

Stratford on Avon 'dig' garden

 Begonias in Shakespeare country...

And do you think stonehenge would be quite as astounding if it were located on plain brown dirt?... ok, it would, but I still love all that green!

I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour

Best wishes,



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