Taking this opportunity to reply to a couple of emails I received from blog readers.

I just saw your blog - it's great! Thank you for sharing! I don't know how to blog, so I'll ask my question this way....What is a good kind of cream neutral yellow you would recommend for kitchen and living room - not too overwhelming, something warm and comfy?

Hi Sandi - thank you for visiting the blog.  I'm happy to answer your questions!  My all time favorite gold (neutral) is Dunn Edwards Golden Gate.  I remember being completely unimpressed by the paint chip, but blown away once it was painted on the walls.  Everyone who sees it, loves it.  I have also used Dunn Edwards Tortilla and Crossroads and both are lovely on the wall.  I recently blogged about yellow/gold here:
there is a lot of information on different yellow/gold colors on these posts - but here are some of my favorite choices:

Dunn Edwards [Golden Gate]
Benjamin Moore [Hawthorne Yellow]

Restoration Hardware [Buttercream]

Sherwin Williams [Whole Wheat]
On a lighter note, I also like these creamy colors:

Benjamin Moore [Putnam Ivory]

Sherwin Williams [Ivoire]

Benjamin Moore [Mellowed Ivory]
Sherwin Williams [Restrained Gold]
Good luck on your selection.  As always, paint sample boards and live with the colors for 24 hours before making your final choice.

Hi Claudine

Your website has some of the best pics and ideas I’ve seen!! But I am stuck on my own problem. We are building a new house and I want a craftsman style kitchen in white like you show on your site. My dining table and furniture is black with a neutral beige top. My thought was to have cabinets in the same kind of beige color and the island base in black. For walls I love Benjamin Moore Azores paint as I had it in my previous living room and tied it together with red couch and accent pillows in the same color as Azore (my new family will open to the kitchen so I’d like to retie that back in….maybe just an accent fireplace wall and some kind of grey beige on the remaining walls.)
So I guess my overall question should I just go with an off white cabinet or commit to matching the kitchen table? Will it look weird if I have beige in there with the white (opposite walls). What would be a great granite to capture the white\cream and possible blue\green hues in the walls? I am definitely going to go with a neutral subway tile.
Thanks so much for all your insite hope to hear from you soon.
Lisa S.
South Carolina

Lisa, first of all, I think everyroom can do with a little pop of black or red. It adds a grounding touch. A little dark in a white or neutral room just accentuates all that is good about white and neutral - as you can see in the photo below. 

Your kitchen wall color is lovely (Benjamin Moore Azores), and you are spot on with how you plan to pull the two rooms together with an accent wall in Azores in your family room and accent pillows on your couch. As long as you also have the wood trim, mantel, doors, moldings in a white, there is no reason you can't also have your kitchen cabinets white. I wouldn't necessarily try to match your cabinets to your furniture. You may want to change your furniture sometime in the future! Both the black and beige you describe are neutrals and should be fine together.

Granite color - for a craftsman style kitchen I would go with a honed black granite. For the black painted island, you could use a white countertop - marble or a man made product in a white or light cream, or even a very light granite, if you can find one. If you want to bring in the Azores color other than the wall - do it with accessories.


This kitchen works because the island and the counter stools are dark and ground the room, while the cabinets and subway tiles are in white. The gleaming stainless in appliances and light fixtures add reflective surfaces and breaks up and warms the white. This kitchen is anything but sterile looking.

There is an abundance of white in this kitchen but the white is warm in tone and the wood floor adds to that warmth.  Honed black granite countertop is perfect for a country/craftsman look. 

Another example of black with white.  The island has a marble countertop in white.  The walls are blue.  These may be the best examples of what your finished look may be.

You have a good grasp on what to do in your space - good luck with your new home!


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