A blank wall can really make a room look unfinished.
But there are a lot of options to make a wall look a lot less blank and a lot more finished.


Its pretty simple to add a beautiful mirror to a boring wall

Mirrors have the dual advantage of being able to add interest to a wall and bring
light and reflection into a room.

It is the perfect compliment to a buffet

Martha Stewart

Or an entry table

American Drew/Jessica McClintock
Or a mantel

But that is far from being the end of the story...
Here are a few less obvious mirror treatments to inspire you!
incorporate a mirror into a large wall grouping

AKA Design

Atlanta Homes Magazine

double up
two mirrors reflect twice the light and beauty


Brighten a corner with smaller mirrors
Erinn Valencich - HGTV
choose a lattice covered mirror for a decorative airy feel

Ellen Pompeo's Dining Room
Elle Decor
Try them on the floor
large and leaning against the wall
Exotic Interiors

Centsational Girl
hang in multiples
(the gridwork on these examples mimic window panes)
Pottery Barn

fill an entire wall
add an ornamental mirror on top
use a mirror to raise a ceiling in a room
make it tall to raise the eye level
Abode Love
use one as a spark of light in a wall gallery

House Beautiful
or to create a focal point over your bed


Vision Decor
or panel the wall behind the bed 
House Beautiful

or a wall in any other room 

no one could ever call this wall boring

Candice Olson
use a mirror to hide a television
a la Candice Olsen
how 'divine' is that?

Coco Kelley
or use an oversized mirror for a headboard

use mirrors to decorate and reflect over the fireplace
or anywhere you could use a bit of sparkle

Better Homes and Gardens

the perfect mirror is like jewelry
sparkling, light
the perfect accent

Ballard Designs

Eclectic Revisited
create an illusion of space with a wall of mirror
(make sure it reflects something beautiful)


Elle Decor
Heidi Claire
don't forget the kitchen...
using a mirror where a window isn't available
enhances this kitchen view

House Beautiful

using mirror as backsplash material
adds light and depth to a dark or a small kitchen


Traditional Home

Mirrors can make even a utilitarian wall
of clothes closets
 look beautiful


Martha Stewart

mirrors work perfectly well as wall art -
like these long panels hung horizontally

Southern Living

they are good backdrops for sconces
they double the light and double the beautiful fixture

Outside the Workroom

you can even hang a mirror on top of a mirror
double your fun with a convex mirror on a mirrored wall

Elle Decor

Mirrors can change a wall from boring to beautiful
reflect something lovely
bring increased light and sparkle into a room
add that finishing touch - like a piece of jewelry
give an illusion of depth and more space

Is it any wonder we love them?

Where can YOU use a mirror?


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