It stares at you every time you enter the room.  That blank stare.  Cold, unfeeling.  It says, well, what do you expect?  I'm blank and boring.  Fix me.  Make me interesting.
We all have a wall that needs something fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous, I just discovered photographer Clark Little

who started photographing the waves in Hawaii where he lives
because his wife wanted something interesting to put on her walls
And he photographs from inside the wave - in the water
So perfectly beautiful - makes me want to go back there - NOW

But not all of us are lucky enough to have a photographer husband to fill ourwalls with beauty.
Today, we are looking at Grasscloth wallpaper as an alternative to a boring wall.
The texture adds interest

 It's eco-friendly and comes in many new and beautiful colors

organically dramatic in this living room

soft and textured in this bedroom

warm and inviting in this hall
walls can't be boring with so much color and texture

 from sea greens
to cinnamon

grasscloth has made a comeback in a big way -

fresh greens

soothing blue greys

and aquas

and deep chocolate

but this one clearly takes the cake
jaw dropping, drool worthy liquid metal grasscloth series by Crezano
 also in bronze, gold and copper
 I feel a powder room remodel coming on.....

link within

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