GARDENING: Spring at Rogers Gardens, Newport Beach

Its Spring at Rogers Gardens, located in Newport Beach, California
is a high end nursery with an extensive gift shop (see last post)

With gray skies and a winter storm threatening,
we took an hour or two before the rain came to wander through the gardens

enjoying a glimpse of spring - coming soon
 Rogers Gardens has extensive grounds . 
 It's meandering paths lead to plant specific areas, bordered by mature plants,
large trees, arbors and potted specimens
baskets are ready to take home filled with moss, ivy and a medley of hydrangea,
begonias and other shade loving plants
lovely blue and lavender hydrangeas cluster on and around a shady table

begging to be taken home

I am drawn to the boxwood
tiny little glossy leaves

pruned into conical or rounded shapes

plain or variegated

One of the things I admire about Rogers Gardens
they have landscaped their nursery so that you can see mature versions of the plants,
many in decorative pots

No permanent potted plant is without a beautifully planted base
this one in shades of lavender and purple
I love the ornamental cabbage - in its rose-like form

beautiful coleus - range from deep purple to terracotta
shade loving cyclamen
a favorite in my covered patio area at home

and the one I wish I could grow
and can't

looking like little ballerinas in their poufy skirts

they do well in the coastal areas,
and in the perfect spot - if you have it

 I had fun taking photos of this fountain as the storm drew nearer
and the wind kicked up
catching the spray as a gust of wind came through

Rogers Gardens is famous for their hanging baskets
planted to overflowing with charming plant combinations

from small

to extra large
impatiens, begonias, primrose, bacopa and fern

the mature plantings of lavender were in bloom
in front of a hedge of rosemary

and spring primroses for sale
made for a colorful tablescape

purple was plentiful
and striking mixed with white
striking against the green background
this window basket of  nemesia, lavender, bacopa
and ornamental white cabbage
was especially charming
purple and white poppies and daisies
pots of kangaroo paws
the grey day just made for better saturation of color

On to the rose garden
always my favorite place
a few blooms - but only a few so far
and possibly a new 'must have?'
pretty gorgeous, right?

succulents in all forms
including this orb and wreath

topiaried pots
I loved this anduze style pot
came to my waist - I could have climbed inside

a new section for spring - the Victory Garden
herbs, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers
to name a few

And more beautiful flowers
 and fountains

My favorite of the day -
what I found most striking -
were the white flower baskets

 the variety of the green plants
the textures
the simplicity

was beautiful

 the white hydrangea
reminds me of weddings

what would it be like to have a white flower garden?
only white and green
so romantic

I wonder if it would glow in the moonlight

Spring is coming
the garden is awakening
my lilacs are blooming
as is the jasmine with its sweet fragrance
and soon

the roses

are you ready for spring?


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