HOME DECOR: My Happy Place

Design makes me happy.
Can't help it,
just does.

I have an archive of photos
because a picture is worth 1,000 words

and its easier to show people what you mean
than try to describe it
So, while I was thumbing through photos
I found a few that took me straight to my happy place
for various reasons
just had to share a few with you

I'm happy whenever I have photos of family and familiar places around me
and even though I wouldn't necessarily stack them on the ground like this photo above,
I love how all the mats are white
the frames don't match but
it looks like a collection
and I like
how light in this room is reflected in the mirrored desk
and the silver candlestick lamps
and the glass fronts of the picture frames
and this is a little room tucked behind a bigger room

I'm crushing on paneled walls lately
so much so that I'm trying to find a way to make it work in my house
and it has to be painted
far more interesting than pebble textured painted walls
that you see everywhere in California

But this room has other features I love
like how the furniture forms a square around the big square coffee table
and its balanced and symmetrical
and how it is filled with light
makes me want to remove my blinds
like right now

I'm in my happy place around built-in storage
I simply have to have a bookcase like this
for all the books my DH is collecting
so that they will be organized
instead of stacked everywhere
because all of the shelves are full

I'm definitely in a happy place in so many ways here
I love the mix of contemporary and traditional
love the red chair with the silvery nailhead trim
and the paneled walls (but not their treatment - needs paint!)
the blinds under the drapes
the hardwood floor
the french doors to the garden
the neutral base with a pop of red
its a good room
I'd live here

I love contrasts
like the fine alabaster lamps with burlap shades
on top of this old zinc topped table
and the seagrass rug
ideally this room would not have pickled pine walls
and it would have fabric to soften the windows

I'm definitely happy with the unexpected
like an orange chair and a robins egg blue desk
in a neutral room
that just seems to make it work
and the graphic drapes
and the color of the walls

I'm crushing on Kris Dutson photography
who spends hours and hours
for that one moment
when the light is perfect

(seriously love that this is England)

and creates unforgettable moments
too beautiful to be real
but they are

my happy place has just the perfect touch
just the right accessories
just the right amount of glimmer
and a little unexpected

a feast for the senses

botanicals are always in my happy place
and antique desks with wing chairs as desk chairs
and old books
and random shells
and textured baskets
- I'd change the lampshade -

I love these coffered ceilings that mirror the outside windows
and the casual slipcovered sofas
and a polished wood table that looks hand carved
panelled walls
neutral and calm palette
would I get tired of this?

My happy place is in a land of contrasts
new square porcelain sinks
rustic weathered old dresser - now a vanity
wall faucets - I'm crushing on them right now
(easier to clean - and they look amazing)
and clean white subway tile

I love paneled painted walls
I love that the white painted 4 poster bed nearly disappears against them
and that despite the lack of color in this room
it isn't cold
the convex mirror in gold
the warmth of the antique wood bedside tables
the drama and freshness of the navy blue
it's all elegant
and elegant is definitely a happy place to be

someday, I'd like to have a big front porch
with a lantern fixture
and tall glossy black shutters on the windows
and a comfy place to sit
and big chunky pillars
and a paneled ceiling
(I'd paint it blue)
looking out onto miles of country lawn and trees
and a flower or two
but mostly green
(but I may have to move to the South)

a simpler chandelier and a more rustic table
is all I would change

I need to learn to make these
they make me so happy
I want to entertain!

can you say eclectic?
can you say happy?
mixing styles,
periods and
nothing really matching
and yet - it all comes together and creates
by Kelly Wearstler

creative wall art makes me happy
creatively framed
filling the wall
a map as art

would you like to join me in a happy place?
which place would it be?


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