HOME DECOR: The Power of a Rug


I recently took advantage of a Pottery Barn sale and changed out my old, tired 8x10 patterned rug for a tightly woven solid colored jute rug of the same size. 

It was a new look for the room and gave it new life. 
My husband is still getting used to it - keeps asking me if I love it - I assure him I do. 

Change comes slowly for men like my husband, but he has learned to trust me and he is definitely warming up to the flooring change.  I'm enjoying the fact that no pattern jumps up at me or interferes in the room - making so many more changes possible.  The old rug was wonderful 10 years ago - but the room needed a facelift!

Whatever your focus, Spring seems to be the time for renewing, freshening, changing and sprucing up.  Its a wonderful time to make a few changes to your home decor.   It can be as simple and inexpensive as a new rug found on sale....


the lennoxx
In this comfy family room, a seagrass rug defines the seating area

A large seating area requires a large rug
Rugs play a defining role in home decorating.  Defining because so many of our floorplans include rooms that flow into each other.   Rugs create more intimate areas within these bigger spaces.  They break up the large expanses of flooring - definong and separating the living area from the dining area, for example. 

They are especially useful on hardwood or tile/stone floors - but I've even used them on low pile carpeting to break up a large area into more intimate 'rooms'.
As a rule of thumb - (courtesy of HomeGoods)
a seating area rug should have the following space requirements

Smaller seating areas can handle a smaller rug, as long as the larger furniture pieces are anchored with at least their front legs on the rug

Nothing worse than a rug that is too small for the space
kind of just floating there in the middle - isn't it?

In a dining area, the rug should extend 18" to 30" beyond the perimeter of the table
 (depending on who you ask and how much room you have)


Rugs can make the perfect design statement, add color and texture, soften, define
and add beauty to a room

 Rugs can add a playful element 
 or can be bold - creating visual impact in a room

the perfect rug for a room will echo its style, compliment its palette and enhance its decor 

sometimes the rug makes the room 
like this amazing houndstooth rug I discovered at Coco Cozy's website

sometimes it allows beautiful furniture to stand out
like this seagrass rug
this example from Cote de Texas blog

sometimes its about color and style
in this traditional room, the rug adds color and warmth

and sometimes its not about anything but defining a space
above, a country rag rug defines a country space

sometimes its bold and beautiful
this bold graphic rug provides nearly all of the color in this neutral room

sometimes its all about texture, and
sometimes its beautifully neutral 

 often a rug will add an important color element

but most often, it defines a space
creating rooms within a larger room
 I love an area rug in a bedroom - especially when you have hard surface flooring.  It adds a layer of luxury - It's nice to have your toes touch something warm and soft when you get out of bed.
 Best placement is peaking out from the end of the bed, and spreading wider on the sides

Beyond Drapery

patterson decorating group

 More beautiful rooms with defining rugs...

Traditional Home

Elle Decor


Metropolitan Home

mv carpet

Beyond Drapery
Don't forget your outdoor rooms.  There is a large selection of outdoor rugs available in many colors, sizes and styles - made to withstand the elements

coco cozy
this rug is a little small for the furniture in this room
There isn't always a standard size rug to fit your space.
 If you are in need of an odd sized rug, or simply can't find one in the style or color you like -
consider having carpeting cut and bound into a rug. 
there are hundreds of styles, textures and colors to choose from
edward floor covering

Welcoming Spring with a change - even a small one - will give you a fresh new look for your home.
Why not try a rug?


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