WEDDING DESIGN: Dallas Wedding Highlights

I'm growing very fond of Texas
Althought I've only ever been here in Winter.
This trip, on the way to our client's home
 I discovered these amazing live oak trees
LOVED their silhouettes against the wide open Texas sky

This home in the neighborhood had longhorns in its backyard
Pretty cool, huh?

 Amazing to see them up close.

Everything really is bigger and bolder in Texas.

Texans have a unique way to decorate for Christmas.  I loved this awning in historical Grapevine, Texas, completely covered in garland, balls, ribbon and lights. 

Every little shop here had a live, decorated Christmas tree outside.

Mother of the bride last Christmas and my partner this Christmas
Stephanie Boyd and her sweet husband Jamey.

and did you notice this cute coffee shop/Christian book store's sign? 

On our way back, we stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge so that I could take photos.

did I mention - bigger....?
I was told this was a family oriented hotel, and
inside the lobby it looked like a disney resort

with full size faux oak trees

that I had to look at closely to make sure they weren't real

and a complete water park
just off the lobby
Across the street, an even bigger and more spectacular hotel
the Gaylord Texan

on the edge of Grapevine Lake

It is huge.  Disney - take notes

Inside, it was larger than life
once through the lobby it opened up to
an enormous glass ceiling, acres of walkways, landscaping, fountains,
shops and restaurants
theatres and entertainment

and a gingerbread house made from real gingerbread
and lots and lots of candy

tiny railroads run through the landscaping

and the Texas lonestar is represented everywhere

in the glass ceiling

the buildings and bridges

and the floor
the trees here are real

and the sports bar has a Texas style BIG screen

one of the restaurants had this clever Christmas tree made of empty wine bottles

it's hard to give you a clear picture of the size of this facility
but this restaurant is probably about the same size as the real Alamo it represents
at night the lights are pure magic

the light covers on this garland are spent shotgun shells
- only in Texas!-

the lower level has pathways by the river that runs through this resort
and a riverwalk area - like San Antonio - with restaurants at the water's edge

no reason to ever leave the hotel. . .

but I digress,
I promised photos of the wedding - and true to my word
here are some of the highlights

We put this one together in record time - just 8 weeks.
I had an amazing partner in Dallas, Stephanie Boyd, to split up the work of working with the venue, finalizing all the details with the vendors and running around for supplies.  I came up with the overall design and plan and once it was approved, Stephanie and I worked together to implement it. 

The bride's colors were eggplant and champagne
a beautiful and elegant choice,
but one that was difficult to match with flowers. 
We chose instead to allow varying shades of eggplant,
aubergine and magenta with cream or ivory
and brought more of the eggplant color into the equation in fabrics and ribbon.
They chose the Royal Affairs Ballroom (the same venue as the wedding I did here last year)

When planning an event or redecorating a home - one rule remains the same
choose your elements and your colors well
and repeat them throughout the design

at the entry, we created this manzanita tree
and draped it with crystal strands, prisms,
glass votives
and flower balls from its branches
the crystals and candle votives, as well as the manzanita branches,
were repeated elements throughout the wedding decor

the floral arrangement at the base featured eggplant callas, aubergine mums, cream roses and hydrangea.  The arrangement and the floral balls above were all created by Stephanie and me
(with help from her three beautiful daughters)
we hung a glass candle lantern on the ornate iron door
and filled it with flowers
we added a light at the bottom
and did the same thing at the front door outside and along the pathway,
and hung them from shepherd's crooks
(unfortunately, I didn't get photos of them)
lighted arrangements were another element we carried throughout the decor
clear glass candlesticks, eggplant candles and a display of
photographs of the bride and groom
surround the guestbook
a beautiful lighted arrangement takes center stage
created by Janet Barker, who also did the bridal flowers

a close up of the arrangement reveals submerged orchids and lights
the repeat of the clear glass in the vase and candlesticks,
the candlelight, and the crystals surrounding the candles
help create a cohesive design

one that is repeated in the ladies' restroom

and in the bride's dressing area
along with a photo of the sweet bride Annie and her sweetheart Allen
one of Annie's requested features was a wishing tree
we chose champagne colored fabric,
placed manzanita branches into clear glass hurricanes
draped them with crystal strands and pendants
Annie made adorable tags to write wishes for the bride and groom.

we scattered clear glass votives around to make the crystals sparkle in the candlelight
as the guests wrote their wishes, they were hung on the tree
the effect was beautiful and charming
and the wishes are keepsakes the bride will always cherish
the centerpieces (20 in all - also by Janet Barker) were lit from within and surrounded by candle votives. 
which were reflected by the mirrors on the tables.

a view of the room looking elegant before the guests arrive

some of my favorite people!
Jamey Boyd and his son, Spencer
and if the couple on the right look familiar - they were my bride and groom
in last year's Dallas wedding - now celebrating their first anniversary

the candy bar was made up of  family favorites

and each was labeled according to who's favorite it was
the bride's favorite?:  peanut mm's
the grooms?:  snickers

another element we repeated was the use of vinyl lettering
this monogram and date decorated the two doors leading outside to the patio

I absolutely love the 'Happily Ever After' in vinyl on the mirror at the cake table
we created the garland and floral arrangements to embellish the mirror

we actually sprayed the hydrangeas aubergine with a floral spray
to carry the color up into the mirror decor, and used eggplant callas and cream roses

Stephanie and I created the lighted cake stand and the cake flowers
it looked amazing

The bride and groom cut the cake

more clear glass, crystals, votives and manzanita
at the candy bar and hot chocolate bar
and more flower balls in each area

the groom's cake looking delicious next to the hot chocolate area

we filled the shelves above the bar with more florals and photos of the bride and groom

the amazing Carolyn and her fabulous fruit table

Janet Barker created more beautiful tall lighted arrangements for the reception line

and we added this vinyl 'monogram' to the dance floor

the bride and groom awaiting their first dance as husband and wife

sharing a kiss on the dance floor

my bride and groom from last year join in for the anniversary dance
and directly behind them are the bride's parents

and then the dj really got the party started - he pumped up the volume
and we turned down the lights
and the tables were abandoned to dance the night away!

 including Texas line dancing - of course!

Ciera and Brianna - two of my partner's daughters and our little worker bees - join in the line dancing

Stephanie and I take a much needed break during the dancing
isn't she adorable?

the manzanita tree at the gift table was especially beautiful
incidentally, we had the runners made (sewn by friends of the bride's family)
and I made tassles to weight the ends from beaded trim in the perfect
colors of eggplant and champagne - so lucky to find it!

a highlight of the evening was a photo booth
complete with costumes, crazy hats and boas!

and a perfect ending

a sparkler send off
a vintage car
a vinyl 'just married' on the back window

a happy bride and groom
tired wedding planners

and now,
a brand new year

Happy New Year, friends!


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