I've never been a fan of Orange.

But doing a little research for this blog, my eyes were opened.  There is a lot about Orange to love.  I found that there were a lot more variations on Orange than I had thought of when starting this post - colors like Coral, Terra Cotta, Peach and Persimmon.  They sound so much more interesting than just 'Orange', don't they?.

I found I liked orange with cream
it even sounds delicious

and that it is an excellent choice for the dining room
as it is known to stimulate the appetite

and since it is directly opposite blue on the color wheel
they complement each other perfectly

Benjamin Moore [Cherokee Brick]
I discovered that the deeper tones of brick, ginger and cinnamon
are rich and warm

Benjamin Moore [Adobe Dust]
Decor Village

and I liked the softer tones of apricot, adobe, copper and peach

Sherwin Williams [Penny Wise]
Decor village

Some hues of Orange were a little too bold for me, but I could appreciate their beauty
Benjamin Moore [Chili Pepper]
Orange adds drama and heat

Benjamin Moore [Orange Nectar]
Patricia Gray Inc.
You simply cannot ignore Orange
In a neutral palette it adds a pop of color and injects warmth

Benjamin Moore [Persimmon]
Luster Interiors
The deeper tones can be soothing as well as warm


Benjamin Moore [Southwest Pottery]
House Beautiful

It can be elegant and plays well with reds

Benjamin Moore [Tropical Orange]
Patricia Gray Inc.
Notice the sheen of the paint - the painting of the ceiling makes this spacious hall seem warm and cozy

Benjamin Moore [Bulls Eye Red]
 Well Appointed House

 Red is passionate, vibrant and exciting.

Benjamin Moore [Currant Red]

Benjamin Moore [Poppy]
ChicagoHome Mag

Red is not for the timid.  Red is for the risk takers and the bold.  

Both Orange and Red require a taste for the dramatic
Farrow and Ball [Blazer]
House Beautiful

Here and above, red shows its colors in more casual settings
Olympic Paint [Glowing Firelight]
Decor Village

Crisp white trim relieves the intensity of the formal orange dining room above

Analagous colors, or colors which are found near each other on the color wheel such as red, orange and yellow, create the warm palette in the bedroom above and the living room below.

Great Art Decoration
While the room below has a palette of complementary colors - orange and blue.  Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are perfect companions and show their colors to their best advantage.  One color needs to dominate when using complementary colors.

Farrow & Ball (Terre D'Egypte )
Patricia Gray Inc.

Minimalist Home Dezine
A monochromatic palette, such as the one above, is built on one color - with varying hues and intensities of that color to create contrast and interest.

Beautiful Habitat

Both colors are vivid and warm. 
While Orange is more contemporary, Red is more traditional.
elle decor
Elle Decor
Color can change dramatically in a room as the light changes from natural to incandescent

Living with a sample of wall color for at least 24 hours will allow you to see it as it changes
and help to eliminate color mistakes

Benjamin Moore  [Rosy Apple]
Luster Interiors
If you are unsure about using a lot of intense color in your home, use it in a smaller area,
such as an entry or a powder room.
Red happens to be my husband's favorite color
(We have a red powder room - after all, he lives here, too.)

If you love color, surround yourself with it.
 This room is a coccoon - it wraps you in color.

House Beautiful

Pink is created from red
Yet it's effect is very different
Pink is calming - soothing 
and has been successfully used to calm the emotionally disturbed
Even the hottest pink has the same effect
Home Panel

CBID Design
It is a favorite color of little girls

but it can also be a sophisticated grown up color
and distinctly feminine
Here, a soft pink is beautiful paired with chocolate brown

Because of its calming properties and its feminine aspect, pink is a natural for bedrooms.

Elle Decor via Shelterness
Benjamin Moore [Conch Shell]
I'm excited to try the new Benjamin Moore paint app for IPhones.  It features a camera option - take a photo of a color you like, and it will find the nearest match in a Benjamin Moore paint color. 

IPhone Paint App

Elle Decor

Paint is only one way to add color to a wall.  This wall of fabric has the added benefit of softening the room as it adds warmth and color.

Benjamin Moore [Million Dollar Red]
Elle Decor

Whatever your color preferences, I hope this has been enlightening - as it has for me.  I have found these rooms to be dramatic, warm and exciting.  I'm looking forward to looking at the cool colors in a future post!

Do you think you might try Orange, Pink or Red in your home?
Best wishes,


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