CHRISTMAS DECOR: Natural Sparkle

Done, at last

Bit by bit the Christmas decorations have been going up at my house.  In between working on client's homes and other seasonal projects - at long last I'm done..... or, mostly done.  I still plan to put a little holiday cheer into my son's room who will be home from college in a few days, and there's that little tree I wanted to decorate in the family room, and I need to come up with something for place settings for the family get-together.  Seems once I get started, I can't stop.. Someone help me!

I have to admit I rearranged furniture a little this year to make room for the tree and accommodate my holiday decorations. Sometimes the 'stuff' in our house gets in the way of our Christmas decorating, but most of it looks better with a little Christmas touch or two and that very 'stuff' can become part of a beautiful holiday focal point.

vintage trophy with holiday greens and berries



I finished another home today decorating for the holidays and have included photos below!  Betty's house is elegant and tasteful, and the Christmas decorations we added emphasize its beauty without overwhelming.
Her staircase and silly Charlie Brown tree are highlights of her holiday decor.  I wanted to show you step by step how I decorated them!

link within

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