I have my favorites...

Like this amazing tree with snow laying on the branches, and icicles and snowflakes sparkling. 

Or this mantle with white amaryllis and crystal garland
and a silvery banner of 'seasons greetings ' that perfectly compliments the silver leaf mirror.
Silver is always a favorite of mine, but it seems to shine all the more brightly during the holidays.

It's the gate that gets me here
I used to live where everyone had a gate to enter their yard
and this chippy antique
adorned with a full green wreath
looks completely charming to me

Christmas is all about the 'green' to me.
The garland, the tree, the wreaths
fresh - with the scent of pine or cedar
This sideboard is a favorite because of the abundance of green
well balanced and elegant with white candles and pottery
gold ribbon and sugared pears

I don't know if I could live here
but I am drawn to this all-white palette
for its serenity
and its Christmas frostiness
and the contrast of the cold frosty feel with the warmth of the bedding

and I love the neutrality of this frosty arrangement
for the same reason

A flocked white tree
with warm white lites
and white and frosted ornaments
is a vision of textures

Simplicity graces this mantle
white candles
green boughs
and magical lighted crystal garland

White and neutrals mix in this room with
Christmas greens and touches of gold
for a calm and restful look

Once again, a simple neutral palette looks beautiful to me
the tree is amazing and I especially like the oversized ornaments

Silver is my metal of choice
for jewelry as well as a decorating accent
and silver with a fresh green tree creates magic
for me at Christmas
Coming in at a close second at Christmas time
are crystal, glitter and frosted glass
a perfect little tree

Textures are key in a neutral monchromatic palette to create interest
and probably why I like this wood curl wreath

and I like everything about this
Peace on Earth wall vignette below
with the mix of the simple letters and a more elaborate frame and fancy lettering.
hmmmm - Tam?  Vinyl?
Decorating the bedroom for the holidays
is a definite favorite of mine . . .
   And why not?  Just a few simple touches can
add magical holiday charm to your haven

I'm a little addicted to paper this year
I've taught classes on making paper cones embellished with paper medallions
I've tried my hand at creating paper roses
I buy scrapbook paper just because its beautiful even before I have a use for it
So these paper doves naturally caught my fancy
followed closely by the mother of pearl button garland 
oh my!
and you can ditto all I said above about paper
and apply it to vintage buttons

I made this frosty wreath last year
and it is one of my favorites
I found a snow-tipped wreath
and added luscious fat picks of ice encrusted greens
red, green and white berries
and olive-y green ribbon
for an 'almost' monochromatic look
I'm thinking of pumping it up a little more this year
adding more greens, pinecones and twigs
what do you think?

I love the idea of advent calendars
but until I saw this example I never really liked the look of them
Having this near a small tabletop tree and adding the ornaments each day
is a charming countdown to Christmas

and this tag version is also very cute
the countdown on one side
'Christmas' on the other
9 days instead of 24
with ornaments dangling on the bottom

In my world, mercury glass is just a little bit of heaven
it incorporates the silver I love
the antique and timeworn feel I love
and sparkle

What more do you need?
this combination of greens, whites, and silver
makes me smile
very wide

Another decorating idea for bedrooms:
In my case, however, the twin antique iron bed
is in my office and acts as extra seating
and occasional guest quarters
this will look

Have you noticed, I wonder, the 2010 holiday trends?
we are going back to nature - big time!
pinecones are everywhere
and birds
lots of birds
and bird related objects, like
nests, birdcages, wings
and theres lots of silver (big happy smile here)
and white

Love this - little silver containers to hold pinecone 'trees'
Pottery barn had something similar:
Paperwhites (narcissus) are everywhere this year
mostly faux versions (Pottery Barn)
which is a shame as they are heavily fragrant
and like Amaryllis, available in 'grow your own' gift packs
If you prefer the already blooming variety,
Trader Joe's carried them last year,
most nurseries will probably 
carry the 'take me home now' variety

I have a live tree each year, but the garlands and mantle decorations
are all faux.  I do this because I have to decorate early and leave up long
(at least I can get water to the tree)
Despite this, I love the natural look
 Irregardless of the fact that my greens aren't fresh
I want them to look that way
So - much like the wreath I created last year,
I stuff my mantle garland with long branches of faux pine, cedar and fir -
sometimes deepening the mantle ledge with a length of wood
to accomodate the abundance of greenery
and create a look something like the one above

love the white, silver and green palette
the velvet ribbon
the simplicity

I feel like I'm stuck in this green, white and silver palette
but the white china, green pears, and hurricanes with moss and silver ball ornaments
look so fresh
its irresistible
(and you can eat the pears later)

Back to my love of  paper crafts, again . .
while my color scheme may differ
I love the creative possibilities of this big paper three dimensional star
and the paper holly leaf wreath below

Another favorite of mine
vintage balls glued onto a styrofoam wreath
(even the tattered and tarnished look wonderful when
clustered together)

who can resist the color red at Christmas?
and I love that this was accomplished
without out looking like a big fat candy cane!

One of my favorite crafts is making nearly anything out of wool felt
and you already know about me and buttons
so this is super cute -
and would be fun to make with vintage buttons - maybe mother of pearl

along with pinecones, birds, and little sisal brush critters
cranberries add a nice accent
use them in hurricanes with candles
or in the water in floral arrangements
or frozen into an ice ring for a punch bowl

nearly all of the ornaments on this tree are handmade
from paper and ribbon
such an inexpensive way to fill a tree
(I also think that line of little sisal Christmas trees in the window is adorable!)

Since we are talking about favorites
I love clear glass lamps
which look great completely empty
but give you this option as well -
adding a little of the season at your bedside

How cute and simple are these little 'cakes' ?
made from paper mache boxes
covered with tinsel, peppermint candies, or silk petals
and wrapped with playful ribbon
They would be a perfect addition to a holiday party buffet

Among the top items on my Holiday checklist
is to make the entry to my home
as warm and inviting as the interior
When your guests arrive
let them see Christmas at your front door!

Wreaths are not just for doors, my friends...
why not bannisters?

When I was a little girl, we had a row of  little cardboard houses
covered in glitter, on a bed of snow, with a string of lights making them glow
I collect the little glittered cardboard houses
they look adorable scattered about on shelves, or in cupboards -
and vintage is best
Domes are perfect for creating a sense of 'importance'
Items that normally get lost in the decor
stand out when placed under glass
this nativity may be small, but its importance is evident to all

Vintage postcard images are high on my list of holiday favorites
and although this is a photographic one
and not the colorful Christmas images I usually choose
I love the look on her face
the wildness of her hair
the jeweled crown
the look so pure and dreamlike
you believe there are wings - angel or fairy - emerging behind that mass of red curls
she is my favorite vintage find this year
I will sprinkle fairy glitter, encase her in glass and frame her with silver -
an ornament for my tree

I love that guy
and I love collections of him
rows of red suits
white beards
and sacks full of toys
make room for a collection in your home
tucked in the middle of pine boughs
or clustered on a shelf
Santas, Snowmen, Angels
what do you collect?

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites - and that you shared some of them with me.

I am working on my holiday decor this week.
Watch for 'how-to's coming soon to help you decorate your house for the holidays

Best wishes,



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