Whatever the original reason for this table
(obviously something to do with serving beverages)
no home is complete without it, or a reasonable facsimile of the same.
It is functional
(where else do you put the book you are reading or the milk and cookies?)

It pulls together a space
(a sofa grouping looks a little lonely without one)
It accents a room
(add some accessories and it becomes a design element)
As common as it is
selecting a coffee/cocktail table can be surprisingly difficult
there are so many different styles to choose from
and creating a beautiful tablescape is important as this table
often takes center stage in a room

mirrored -  it adds a great reflective surface
for the candlesticks, pedestal dish and floral
and the stacked books - always a fixture on my coffee table
wood - it adds warmth to this simple
tablescape of books
grass bowl and garden armilllary
(I especially like the 3-tables-in-one look of this )
gilded and glass - it adds elegance
with elegant glass accessories, fresh flowers
and you guessed it - books
industrial - it adds repurposed style
to an organic arrangement with repeated elements
glass and metal - versatile levels for
books, shells and florals

(try two smaller tables instead of one large)
painted - a dark background
for books and florals

books on a coffee table are highly personal
display what you love
(a word you will be hearing a lot of in this green economy)
this wicker basket probably started its days in a warehouse in europe
add some glass, and some industrial wheels
it becomes a pretty cool table
rustic and french
one of my favorite looks
a bench, repurposed as a coffee table
(you can put your feet up, and still have room for a tray, magazines, or a book)
beachy with shells, starfish, books, fish
takes backstage to florals, glass, books and candles

what is on your coffee table?
remember books (stacked)
trays, florals, candles, pottery
objects you love

but also remember - pets with wagging tales
little children or grandchildren's curious hands

an antique trunk is repurposed into a rustic coffee/cocktail table
kept simple with books and a shell

acrylic 'ghost' table
functionality without taking up visual space
the tablescape of books and objects seems to float in the room
another metal and glass version with an industrial feel
the shelf below allows you to showcase something unique or beautiful
and still have the top free for fresh flowers
worn finish on a painted cottage table
antique box, books, bowl and fresh flowers in pottery
stone topped
fruit bowl and books
pottery and books top this
rustic wood and metal table
(love the worn surfaces)
metal table
beautifully topped with candles, books and florals
and wicker storage below for messy magazines
contemporary  - lacquered and very large
room for larger objects and books

a firmly upholstered ottoman makes a great table
with the addition of a tray
and it allows you to put your feet up!
industrial chic look
repurposing an old warehouse cart on wheels
I would love to see fresh florals in a beautiful glass vase on this - just for the wonderful contrasts

whatever your preference
there are a lot of choices
remember the lowly coffee table has an important role
and create a beautiful tablescape for it
Best wishes



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