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This post was getting a little long ... so I am continuing here...
Part Two  of creating a room like our inspiration photo.  [See Part 1 here.]

So I received a note from a reader who fell in love with this bedroom vignette, but feared she'd never have the budget to create it in her home.  I decided to list the steps to creating this room, in a budget-wise fashion, and included links to find the elements needed to create a similar room.  We continue with a key element - the chandelier...


Do I even need to say it....?  The chandelier is a key part of this room.  The reflection in the mirror, the sparkle it adds, the romance and the luxury it reflects... It is a very important element, and one that can demand a sizable price tag.  The size should be large enough to make a statement, and small enough not to take over the room.  It should be installed over the bed so that it reflects in the mirror, so try to arrange your room to allow for that.  You can hire an electrician to hardwire it into the ceiling, or purchase a plug-in model.  I often shop flea markets, ebay, and Craigslist for chandeliers because bargains can be found there...but patience is needed, right?  So lets find a bargain if we can thats available right now.  
rakuten (149.00)

Gallery (125.00)

here (195.00)

Destination Lighting (130.00)
Overstock (241.00)
You can spend more.  You can spend a lot more.  You don't have to, but you can.  Most importantly, buy the one you love... you want to fall in love with it every time you walk into your room...


The bedside tables in this room are a little vintage looking.  The paint is distressed, and if you want to copy this exactly, there are plenty of white cottage looking bedside tables out there - and lots of vintage ones that can be painted that you can probably pick up for a song.  I like bedside tables to be a little generous in size so that they can accommodate a lamp and the other things that accumulate on a nightstand.  A lot of styles and types of bedside tables would work here - dark wood, painted gray, glass and metal... the important part is that they are symmetrical - need to be matching for this look.  Try Target, Ikea, Craigslist, Joss and Main, Overstock.... You may find a bargain... never know until you try....
Here are a couple that I found:

Home Decorators 119.00

AFA Stores  282.00

AFA Stores  370.00
Home Furniture Mart  336.00
Beyond Stores  311.00


At the foot of the bed there is a round table with some decorative items.  I like a bench at the end of my bed - so I would use a bench with a tray.  The table has the advantage of height.   You decide what works for you.  Here are a few sweet tables...
Rakuten  (195.00)

Pier 1 (170.00)
Wayfair (218.00)

and if you are like me, some benches:
Ballard Designs  (329.00)
World Market (199.00)

Ballard Designs  (259.00)

inspiration photo

On the table is a white ceramic tureen and a footed silver bowl.  The tray looks to be mirrored.  The bowl is filled with coral.  You can pick up silver-plate bowls, footed bowls, cachepots etc. at flea markets, swap meets, Etsy and Ebay.  Try HomeGoods or TaiPan Trading (TPT Home) for mirrored trays, and here are a few white tureens, since they appear to be a little harder to ├žome by... 

pier1 (45.00)
Etsy (55.00)
Etsy (24.00)
CORAL is a different matter.  I find mine at antique shows and swap meets and I've never paid more than $30.00.  There are probably some online shops that sell nothing but shells and coral.  Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware featured faux coral for their summer merchandise.  The faux looks pretty real, too.
Etsy (65.00)
Etsy (85.00)
Faux Coral:
POTTERY BARN  (32.00 sale)
Another resource for faux coral is a pet store or somewhere that sells aquarium supplies.  They sometimes come in colorful hues, but I've seen blogs where they were successfully spray painted.   

PET DEPOT (14.00)
here (15.00)
Pet Mountain (23.00)

inspiration photo

The coral embellished lamps add to the beach theme.  I personally love that look, and would definitely look for the same type of lamp.  However, you could substitute another style lamp here and still have the basic feel of this room.
NY Fifth (177.00)

Bellacor (157.00)


Its difficult to see much of the artwork from this photo, but the two poster sized prints over each night table feel beachy in their colors even though they appear abstract.  The colors blend with the rest of the vignette.  Look for large poster sized art, or plan on two prints on each side - the overall effect needs to be that the art is tall over the nightstands.  Shades of blue, white, gray... - with thin silver or gold frames.  For the art, try and try IKEA for the frames, once you know the size you will need.   For the rest you are on your own because art is very personal - and you need to love it.


The cost was done by averaging, so your total may be less or more, depending on your choices.  There are other costs for this room - for example a white bedskirt, sheets, and the other furniture in the room - depending on your room size -perhaps a rug under the bed.  
I hope this helps you - no matter what your budget you can create this room 
with an overall room plan to help you and the steps laid out as we have done 
here.  Little by little, over a little time, you can make it happen.





How can I make my room look like this?

I recently received this email:

Hello.  This beautiful bedroom with the silver bowl of coral in the foreground is so so out of my budget I'm sure, but could you give me any tips on creating the mirror and draping look? I'm also wondering what types of linens you use to create the sleek elegant look.  
Crafty Teacher on a tight budget 
Thank you so much 


I think there is always a way to create beauty on a budget.  While we may not be able to create this room 'exactly' as shown in the photo - we can create a copy that is a reasonable facsimile.  I originally discovered this beautiful bedroom on DigsDigs.  It's a truly luxurious looking display (I think this is a store display due to the price tag or label still on the chandelier).  The gauzy curtains around the bed, the mirror reflecting the chandelier, the down filled comforter, the coral in the silver urn.  The best part of this look is you can create it over a little time, as you can afford, as quickly or as leisurely as you like.  - is it possible to recreate this look on a budget? 
I think it is - with a few tricks....  (this is part 1 of 2 parts)

Here are the components you will need:

The high upholstered headboard is an important component in this look - You can find budget conscious headboards at and other such sites, or you can make your own for even less.  The headboard in our inspiration photo is covered in linen, but any white or off white fabric would work. I have also included some grays, as I think that would also be beautiful on this bed. Links are provided to the headboards below - [click on the caption under the photo to access.]
overstock (375.00)
overstock (251.00)

wayfair (328.00)

bonanza (216.00)

LINKS for tutorials to make your own headboards:

Inspiration photo

The drapes are a loose weave semi-sheer linen fabric.  Since it is a bed dressing and not a window, the drapes don't need to be lined.  In this case the curtain rods are part of the bed, but the same look can be achieved with simple curtain rods hung from the ceiling around the just the head of the bed. (See #3 for how-to on the rods).  
Make sure to measure from ceiling to floor to determine what length of curtains you need.  Pooling on the floor a little is acceptable - too short is not.  The rods should be simple, but remember they will be visible with tab top curtains, so they should look nice as well.  The back rod should cover the width of the bed.  The side rods can be 2 feet or less, as the curtains shouldn't go further than that for this look.  It appears there are 4 curtain panels; however, the actual width of the curtain will determine how many you need to make it look full without gaps.  
I would use Linen for the drapes because it drapes beautifully.  You will pay more for linen, but I think the 'look' can be achieved with other sheer fabrics. [Avoid shiny fabrics or too sheer fabrics for this look.]

For custom made to order panels:  factory direct drapes (prices vary)

Sheer voile drapes 96"  less than $60 pair
Pottery Barn open weave linen - 55 per panel
Pottery Barn
 Laura Ashley sheer panels - about $26 each panel
Touch of Class
Bed Bath and Beyond's panels - $55 approx per panel.
3. CURTAIN ROD CANOPY... DIY Instructions - 
I think this is easy enough even for me to do on my own.  You can create a faux canopy with curtain rods and corner fittings and hang them from your ceiling. Measure to make sure your curtains are long enough to touch the ground...

A little puddling is fine (see above) but too short isn't. Some of these are for full bed draperies, but since this look requires only the head or top of the bed to be curtained, you will need to adapt for just that area.... 

here's DIY how-to help:

Inspiration photo

Check CraigsList and consignment and discount stores first... and Home Goods... I have always been able to find great mirrors there. Try Ikea and Overstock.  Hobby Lobby is great too, if you shop the sales. Choose a mirror with a simple frame - should be wide enough for the curtain panels to come over the edges a little.  It should be much wider than it is tall.  I like this one from Home Decorators for $109...(I would probably paint it, though)...

Home Decorators (87.00)
Just found this at HomeGoods - 

If you can't find a simple one to buy, here are a couple you could try to make...

First, a clever DIY remake from an inexpensive full length mirror that would look great hung horizontally behind the bed...
Lilikoi Joy
And another DIY - how to make this Pottery Barn knock-off. I think you can make this any size you want.
House Stuff Works


Inspiration photo
I find it easier to shop online for specific linens unless I've seen them in a shop somewhere.  The inspiration photo shows two white euro shams, but I think it is a full or double size bed - so you may need 3 for a queen/king size bed.  Euros are the large pillows in the back - around 26"-28" square.  You can get the fillers at most department stores, and I have seen them at JoAnn's.  I'm sure you could find an online source as well. 
Euro Inserts:
JoAnns (at 20.99 these were a bit pricey - but with a 40% off coupon they are affordable)
HobbyLobby (also 20.99, but also coupons available...)
JCPenny currently on sale for 9.99
Etsy [Bed of Roses] 17.99
Also try Sears, Walmart...

The shams are the covers. Here are some resources...
Wayfair  (67.00) each
Bed Bath and Beyond  (35.00) each

Wayfair  59.00 each


Inspiration photo
There are so many fabulous pillows out there...Again, visit the discount stores - Home Goods for sure.  Try Pier 1 and check out Pottery Barn because they have amazing pillows - but don't forget to check online as well... try Wayfair and Etsy.  Look for 18" pillows.
Etsy - Motifpillows   (40.00)

Home Depot  (39.00)

Amazon (10.00)

Zinc Door (88.00)

Sears (16.00)

Etsy - The Cottage Workroom  (44.00)

Wayfair (35.00)

Inspiration photo
The soft gray linen duvet cover is perfect on this bed.  Linen may be a little more expensive, but I've found some affordable duvets below.  An alternative is a matelasse coverlet - but I got a bit of sticker shock when I looked them up.  Seems they are popular again, and so of course not as affordable as they once were.  But remember with a duvet cover you have to have a duvet, or down comforter, to slip inside.  If you have certain allergies, a down alternative can be found.

Here are some duvet covers....the prices vary...

Anthropologie  (238.00)
Etsy Linenshed  (107.00)

HM  (99.00)

Etsy - CristalNatalina (180.00)

You can add the gray by way of a matelasse coverlet - it is not a duvet, just a single layer coverlet.  [You may want to add one for use in the summer]
Amazon (75.00)
Linensource  (120.00)

Amazon (75.00)

Inspiration photo
In our inspiration photo, the gray of the duvet is broken up with an additional duvet, folded across the bottom of the bed.  One of the reasons our inspiration bed looks so luxurious is it has the double layers of soft duvets. Two duvets, two down comforters within - two layers of softness - awwwwww. Double layers of $$$ - hmmmm.   You can still get a lovely and luxurious look with a white duvet over a gray matelasse coverlet if your budget won't allow two down comforters and duvets. I live in So. California, and would never ever need two down comforters - so it would be strictly for the look here.  I would maybe use a down blanket instead of a down comforter for the duvet inserts. They are not as warm and not as thick.  You can also get down alternatives for those who suffer from allergies.  Try to adapt the bedding to your own climate, but use at least one comforter in a duvet for the soft inviting look this room calls for...

For white, you can simply revisit the gray coverlets and duvet covers above as they will most probably have selections in white.  Or try these:

Amazon - Ralph Lauren  (148.00)

Amazon (87.00)

Bella Home Fashions (89.00)

West Elm (139.00)
Coming soon.... part 2.